Simulation and control of agrofood processes.
Modelling of agrofood processes: design and optimization of process performance and product quality. Process control and automation.

Traditional food with widely known quality.

Differentiation and characterization of foods, sensory analysis and quality control.

Functional food: Dietary fibre obtainig.

Extraction of polysaccharides from the cell wall (food fiber) from different plant matrix. Incorporation of food fiber concentrates in different food products.

Drying processes and quality of dehydrated products
Drying kinetics of different agrofood products (vegetables, fruits) as well as the determination and modelling of water adsorption and desorption isotherms. Studies on the quality and shelf life of dehydrated products. Convective and spray drying.

High intensity ultrasonics in food processes.
Use of high intensity ultrasonics on mass and heat transfer processes. Osmotic dehydration, extraction of biocomposites, convective drying and lyophilization at low pressure.